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    Are you suffering in silence?

    Headaches, hot flushes, persistent shaking and heart palpitations – these are just a few of the symptoms associated with anxiety, a debilitating condition that affects an estimated 3 million Brits on a day-to-day...

    Are you a healthonista?

    Gym or pub? Yoga class or clubbing? Mojito or maca? Sometimes it’s a tough choice to make, but thanks to the rise of ‘healthonism’ – health + hedonism – you don’t have to...

    Quinoa salad

    If you want to implement more protein into your diet, try this bistro quinoa with beets and goat's cheese salad to get more adventurous in your diet. Replacing greens with quinoa turns culinary...

    Healthy gluten-free fish recipe

    If you're looking for a healthy gluten-free fish recipe, look no further! This Crispy Smoked Mackerel Salad will hit the spot for lunch or dinner. The smoked, sweet mackerel works really well in this...

    Kettlebell exercises

    2016 might've been the year of the kettlebell craze, but the versatile piece of equipment continues to enjoy its time in the limelight thanks to its amazing benefits to overall body strength and...

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