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    WIN: A Muay Thai training holiday!

    Want to up your fitness and boost your boxing skills? What better way to do it than to travel to the very heart of where the ancient martial art of Muay Thai began...

    WE’RE TALKING TO… Dame Sarah Storey

     1. WHAT MAKES YOU PROUD? ‘Podium Ambition – a not-for-profit company set up by me and my husband a few years ago to get more people cycling. Because our cycling team, Pearl Izumi Sports...

    Are you over-moisturising?

    When your skin is dry and dehydrated, it’s tempting to slather on a thick layer of cream. But you could be harming your skin and wasting your money. ‘On average, your skin can...

    Mindfulness exercises

    There are tonnes of ways to get pumped using exercise, a HIIT class with booming music that shakes the floor, sprinting your morning run because your so pumped because your earphones are so...

    Sleep to Perform

    We all know that eating well and exercising regularly are key to looking good and feeling great, yet a crucial element that’s often overlooked is getting enough quality sleep. We spend roughly a...

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