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    Summer hair care tips

    Jonathan Long, celebrity stylist and co-founder of Lockonego salon, shares his tips for healthy hair. Feed your hair from the inside! Make sure your diet is rich in omega 3 and fatty acids; think avocado,...

    Let the lyengar yoga flow

    Yoga wears many hats – from increasing flexibility to boosting relaxation. One reason why we love lyengar yoga is because of its amazing detoxing benefits. It’s great for stimulating blood flow, lowering blood...

    Live a healthier life

    A long life is an appealing thought. But a long and healthy life? Even more so! Statistics collated by the International Longevity Centre suggest around one-third of babies born in the UK in 2012 are...

    Low cal snacks

    Smarter snacking really is the answer to keeping your energy, mood and weight-loss ambitions on track. We've rounded up the latest tasty low cal snacks for you to stash in your handbag (or...

    Get gorgeous skin

    Drink your way to younger looking skin with pleasant tasting, naturally flavoured Skinade. Created from a blend of natural micronutrients that nourish your skin from the inside Skinade is the only anti-aging drink sold...

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