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    Hello 2017… Hello Happy Healthy Hair

    Start as you mean to go on this New Year with Tints of Nature hair care range. Manufactured in the heart of the New Forest, using natural and certified organic ingredients which powerfully...

    Healthy recipes for dinner

    If you’re stuck for time but fancy a healthy dish that’s delicious, these healthy recipes will make a good choice for a healthy dinner that you can make in a matter of minutes. Perfect for...

    WIN: A Muay Thai training holiday!

    Want to up your fitness and boost your boxing skills? What better way to do it than to travel to the very heart of where the ancient martial art of Muay Thai began...

    Colour me happy!

       ‘Green is a prominent colour in nature so it’s deeply restorative’ Red and yellow and pink and green… Yes, singing a rainbow is all well and good, but wouldn’t you rather understand the rainbow...

    The no-hunger diet

    So, it’s been exactly one hour and 24 minutes since your last meal and you’re absolutely starving. Wondering why? The reason you’re still ravenous could be as simple as eating the wrong ‘healthy’ foods....

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